Üde erdők potenciális előfordulása Magyaországon ... térképrészlet

A research conducted by the researchers of the MTA Centre for Ecological Research resulted in the multiple potential natural vegetation map of Hungary, which is now available for scientists. Predictive ecological models for 39 climax and subclimax habitats were built based on the Hungarian Actual Habitat Database (MÉTA).

Sajtóközlemény az "Ökoszisztéma GINOP" projekt indulásáról

Press release of the 'Sustainable use of ecosystem services - research for mitigating the negative effect of climate change, land use change and biological invasion' project (in Hungarian)

Projektindító megbeszélés Tihanyban

Kick-off meeting - 14/15 September, Tihany
Program: i) general and administrative overview of the project; ii) scientific overview of the project; iii) presentation of plans of the research groups; iv) discussion of plan for synthesis papers